The Chattooga River area is considered to have more waterfalls than any other area in the US and you have a multitude of options for hiking. At the Wildwater Ltd. Rafting Center in Long Creek, SC, you can find a waterfall directory/brochure developed by the Discover Upcountry Carolina Association. Please stop in to get your copy. Below is a small sampling of the waterfalls in the area. For others, please click the following links. And always remember: Waterfalls can be very dangerous areas. Never attempt to climb a waterfall, avoid ledges, and remember the rocks can be very slippery.

Near Mountain Rest, SC:
Big Bend Waterfall on Chattooga River: Located North of Mountain Rest, SC, Oconee County, off Hwy 107, due west of Cherry Hill Campground, three hour walk.
Fall Creek Falls on Fall Creek: In Long Creek SC, 1 mile west of the intersection of state secondary roads 196 and 290, three separate drops, 30-50 feet high, difficult 2 hour walk, No Trail.
Bull Sluice Falls on Chattooga River: Located in Long Creek, SC, Oconee County, upstream of the Hwy 76 Bridge, three drops, 14 feet, five minute walk from the Bull Sluice Parking lot, several people have died here from lack of information or reckless behavior, use caution.
King Creek Falls: Located north of Mountain Rest, SC, in Oconee County, ½ mile southeast of Burrells Ford, 70-80 feet high, easy 20 minute walk
Long Creek Falls on Long Creek: Located 4 miles west of Long Creek, SC, in Oconee County, off Battlecreek Road, 40 feet high, falls are about 50 feet from the Chattooga River, best seen during a river trip, Unmarked Trail, 3 hour walk.
Sims Field Falls: Located north of Mountain Rest, SC, Oconee County, southwest of Cherry Hill Campground on Hwy 107, can be reached via the Chattooga Trail, 15 feet high, 4 hour walk.
Yellow Branch Falls on Yellow Branch: Located south of Mountain Rest, SC, Oconee County, off of Hwy 28, a ½ mile above Yellow Branch Recreation area, about 60 feet high, difficult 1-2 hour walk.
Licklog Falls on Pigpen Branch: Located in Mountain Rest, SC, Oconee County, ¾ mile northwest of state secondary road 196, 80 feet high, falls into Chattooga River, another 15 foot drop is a ½ mile upstream, 1 hour walk.
Issaqueena Falls or Cateechee Falls on Cane Creek: Located 4 mile north of Walhalla and south of Mountain Rest, SC, Oconee County, at Stumphouse Tunnel Park, 200 feet high, one minute walk to the bottom.
Cheohee Falls or Miuka Falls on Townes Creek: Located north of Mountain Rest, SC, in Oconee County, just south of Cherry Hill Campground, just of Winding Stairs Trail, 70 feet high, one hour walk.
Spoonauger Falls or Rock Cliff Falls on Spoonauger Creek: Located north of Mountain Rest, SC, Oconee County, ½ mile north of Burrells Ford, 2 miles due west of Hwy 107, 60 feet high, creek flows into Chattooga River downstream of the falls, easy 15 minute walk.

Near Long Creek, SC
Blue Hole Falls on Cedar Creek: Oconee County, south of Long Creek, 1 mile north or Spy Rock Road, 15 feet high, dropping into a large pool, two hour walk.
Brasstown Creek Falls on Brasstown Creek: Located just south of Long Creek, ½ mile from Brasstown Creek Road, Three falls, each 20-30 feet high, twenty minute walk.
Chau Ram Falls on Ramsey Creek: Located 20 minutes south of Long Creek off of Hwy 76, at Chau Ram County Park, 200 feet upstream of the confluence of Ramsey Creek and the Chauga River, 30 feet high, 1 minute walk from the parking area.
Rileymoore Falls on Chauga River: Located 6 miles northwest of Westminster and south of Long Creek, SC, Oconee County, ½ mile from Spy Rock Road, 12 feet high and 100 feet wide, 45 minute walk.

In other areas of Oconee County
Whitewater Falls on Whitewater River: Located on the NC / SC state line, with the upper falls in NC and the lower falls in SC, 400 feet of drop, the highest waterfall in the Eastern United States, falls into Lake Jocassee, accessible by 20 minute boat ride.
Station Creek Falls on Station Creek: Located near Oconee Station, north of Walhalla, SC, Oconee County, on Hwy 11,1/2 mile west from Hwy 271, 2 tiers equaling 80 feet, ½ hour walk.

Pickens County, SC:
Laurel Fork Falls on Laurel Fork Creek: Located at the northeastern tip of Lake Jocassee, 75 feet high, falls directly into the lake, 30 minute boat ride.

North Carolina Waterfalls
Bridal Veil Falls -This falls cascades from a height of 120 feet over the highway, 1.2 miles west of Highlands. Basswood and yellow birch trees, characteristic of northern hardwood forests, are found in the vicinity.
Dry Falls -2.1 miles from Highlands. There is limited parking, and the short trail down the cliff to the 75-foot falls is well marked.
Lower Cullasaja Falls -Eight miles west of Highlands, this falls cascades about 250 feet. It is unmarked, but there is a pullover area in which to park and view the falls.


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