Shuttles/River Access

West Fork
WARWOMAN ROAD BRIDGE: Follow Warwoman Road 14 miles east from Clayton.
OVERFLOW CREEK ROAD BRIDGE: Follow Warwoman Road 14 miles east from Clayton. Cross the West Fork, then turn left onto FS 86 (Overflow Creek Road) and follow approximately 1.3 miles to a one-lane bridge.

Section II
RUSSELL BRIDGE: Follow Warwoman Road 14 miles east from Clayton, cross the West Fork of the Chattooga, and go to the junction with GA 28. Turn right (south) on GA 28 and go approximately 3 miles to the bridge.
LONG BOTTOM FORD / LOW WATER BRIDGE: One-half mile below Russell Bridge, a dirt road turns off south to Long Bottom Ford / Low Water Bridge.

Section III
SOUTH CAROLINA ACCESS TO EARL'S FORD AND SANDY FORD: Downstream, Earl's Ford is the next point of access. At Mountain Rest, about 3.75 miles, turn right (south) on FS 196 and go 3.25 miles to a four-way stop at Whetstone; turn right (west) and go off pavement at 1.75 miles on a good gravel road for 1.25 miles. There is a camp specially designed to accommodate horses and horse trailers, and from it radiate horse trails that explore the area. If one turns left here on FS 721A, in 1.25 miles the river corridor is reached, and a trail leads .25 mile to the river. This is the Sandy Ford access from the South Carolina side. Continuing straight on Whetstone Road 1 mile past the horse camp, one reaches a parking area and trail to Earl's Ford
GEORGIA ACCESS TO EARL'S FORD AND SANDY FORD: Georgia has access to both Earl's Ford and Sandy Ford, but the roads in are long, sometimes muddy, and are not used by the commercial outfitters. The Georgia Earl's Ford Road access can be reached by ordinary car, except that in high water, Warwoman Creek cannot be forded. (It is possible to drive, with care, to Sandy Ford.) In both cases, roads go to the river's edge, unlike those in South Carolina. However, the protective corridor extends .25 mile from the river. All vehicle traffic is required to stay well away from the riverbanks.
FALL CREEK ACCESS: This access is best approached off US 76. Two miles east of the US 76 bridge turn left (north) onto the Chattooga Ridge Road (FS 196), the first paved road to the left. Go 2 miles, take the gravel road (FS 722) left (west). At the second fork (2 miles), the right hand fork (FS 723) goes to an access point with a very steep trail to the river (.25 mile). The left fork (FS 769) leads to a less steep but longer trail. There are two lovely waterfalls on Falls Creek.
THRIFT'S FERRY: The next access is at Thrift's Ferry reached by a gravel road that turns north about 1 mile east of the US 76 bridge.
BULL SLUICE TRAILS: There are two trails upriver to Bull Sluice, at high water levels a very dangerous, roaring, Class V rapid. Some visitors choose to walk up the better trail on the east (South Carolina) bank from the US 76 bridge parking area to watch the rafters come through the sluice. Photographers often prefer to walk up the west bank (Georgia) trail which is less well maintained but offers better views of the falls from below. (This is not the Chattooga Ridge Trail, but a spur from the Ga Hwy 76 Bridge parking lot , which is a fee area.)

Section IV
HIGHWAY 76 BRIDGE: Located 9 miles east of Clayton on US 76. This is the take-out for Section III and put-in for Section IV.

SUTTON'S HOLE ROAD: About .75 mile west of the US 76 Bridge, a gravel road (FS 290) turns south. Within .5 mile the short Sutton Hole Road (290A) goes down to the river corridor, where the outfitters overnight their two-day-trip customers at Sutton Hole. This is a jeep or pickup truck road, not for ordinary cars.

WOODALL SHOALS: This is a beautiful spot for picnicking and for swimming in the pool below the rapids. Do not attempt to swim or body surf Woodall Shoals or Woodall Hole. Rated a Class VI rapid, it is considered the most dangerous on the river. Woodall Hole can be portaged or there is a sneak route on river right (the west side of the river) that can be run when the water level is high enough. Visitors should be content to explore below the rapid. Woodall Shoals is reached by turning right (south) onto Orchard Road, 2.5 miles east of the US 76 bridge, and again right at the first gravel road, Woodall Road, to the right. It is about 2 miles to the parking and camping areas. Use caution driving this road. Commercial outfitter buses regularly drive this road during the summer. Drive the speed limit. Note that camping is only permitted in designated locations.
LONG CREEK FALLS: One mile downstream of Woodall Shoals, on river left, is beautiful Long Creek Falls, where most rafts stop for a swim and photographs. There is an infrequently used and unmarked trail to the south side of the creek that ends at Turkey Ridge Road. This trail is not recommended for use due to people frequently getting lost. Though this trail can be used for emergency evacuations, when necessary.
CAMP CREEK ROAD: This is one of the most exciting access points to the Chattooga. It is a paved road 2.9 miles north of the Tallulah Falls Bridge, or 8.25 miles south of US 76, on US 441. After 1.5 miles, Water Gauge Road (FS 511) forks to the left off Camp Creek Road. Water Gauge is a good gravel road that dead-ends at a turnaround area at the river corridor after 4 miles. Drive with care; logging trucks and buses carrying rafters also use the road. The trail is just above the rapid Last Chance and, the largest rapids, the Five Falls, all occurring in short succession right after the other. This can be a very dangerous place. It is not recommended, and it is illegal, to float on inner-tubes on this section of the river. The rocks in this area can be slippery and the water is treacherous for an individual floating. Several uneasily identified hazards exist in this area and it is not recommended that individuals boat, raft or hike in this area without a person knowledgeable in the hazards of the Chattooga River.
OPOSSUM CREEK FALLS: The Opossum Creek Falls is reached by a 1.5-mile trail. From Hwy. 76, 2.5 miles east of the bridge, turn right onto Orchard Rd. Drive through on Orchard until intersecting with Battle Creek Road, turn Right onto Battle Creek. After approximately 1 mile, take Turkey Ridge Road (gravel) on the right (FS 723). Drive down Turkey Ridge until you see parking and the trailhead on the left. Opossum Creek trail is located less than 200' from the beginning of Lake Tugaloo.
TUGALOO LAKE ROAD: The last access road on the South Carolina side is off Damascus Church Rd, about 4 miles south of US 76. From 76 bridge, 2.5 miles east of the bridge, turn right onto Orchard Rd. Drive through on Orchard until intersecting with Battle Creek Road, turn Right onto Battle Creek. Follow Battle Creek until it intersects at an off-set T-Junction with Damascus Church. Veer right onto Damascus Rd. and follow it to the end of the paved section. Immediately on your right will be the gravel Bull Sluice Lake Road (Lake Tugaloo Road), turn right and follow this road (Length is 3.5 miles). Be cautious this is the road used by buses to pick up rafters who have made the Section IV trip. Especially use caution when you reach the paved end of this road. It is steep, narrow and winding, and you will frequently meet Outfitter Buses and Trucks pulling boats on trailers. Park in the spaces looking at the lake; the other side is frequently used by the Outfitter buses.