The Chattooga River Area holds a rich and diverse history. The participants and events in this history include the Cherokee and Europeans, the railroad with Stumphouse Tunnel, heavy logging, conservation, diverse culture, Foxfire Museum (dedicated to the preservation of the ways of subsistence living), the Civilian Conservation Corp, and the Wild and Scenic Act. For more information on the history of the Chattooga River Area please click here.

In 2004, a 32-foot-long pirogue, a dugout canoe made from a single log, was excavated from the Chattooga River. It may be the first found in the Upstate, and Oconee historians are eager to make it the centerpiece of the new Oconee Heritage Center.

Cherokee Nation
James Mooney
Trail of Tears
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Foxfire Museum

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Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
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Chattahoochee National Forest History

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